About Us

CentroDeportivo was founded in 2002, with the idea of creating a media outlet that would provide coverage of the local amateur leagues in the Washington Metro area for the Hispanic community. Over time, CentroDeportivo’s scope has expanded to include coverage of U.S. Soccer, CONCACAF, and FIFA events, while continuing to create content that is high quality, original, and ethically responsible.

In addition to having a printed magazine that has been running for nearly a decade, CentroDeportivo can also boast of being a World Cup attendant, as we were present at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and the 2015 Women’s World Cup. Not too shabby, eh?

Jorge O. MartínezPublisher, Editor-in-chief & Lead Photographer

Jorge is the photographer, editor, and founder of CentroDeportivo. Originally from El Salvador, there are three things that Jorge has liked since his days of youth: soccer, photography, and computers. Soon after moving to the Washington area in early 2000 he decided to combine all three of his passions to create a website that would provide coverage of the local amateur soccer leagues. Over a decade later, Jorge’s soccer exploits have seen him cover both national and international tournaments, including several editions of the Gold Cup as well as the 2014 Brazil World Cup and the 2015 Canada Women’s World Cup.

Tomás Romero, Central America Editor

Born in El Salvador, Tomás CV is so long that it puts everyone else’s on staff to shame (no, seriously), but his experience includes having worked as the Communications Director for Alianza FC in El Salvador’s First Division, as a writer for El Diario de Hoy, Diario El Mundo, and Goal.com. Tomás was a member of the Public Relations Team for the 1994 Central American Games in El Salvador, and he was also present at Euro 2004 in Portugal. In 2006, Tomás received the Círculo de Informadores Deportivos Journalist of the Year Award and has been recognized for his efforts by El Salvador’s basketball and chess federations. Currently, Tomás also runs elsalvadorFC.com.

Carlos D. Mojica, English Editor

Another native of El Salvador, Carlos’ passion (some might say obsession) for soccer can be traced back to his days playing on the streets on Ciudad Merliot after getting home from school. Since then, his love for the sport has continued to grow, and he can usually be found either at matches, or sneaking a peek on his cellphone to see the score of whichever match he is not able to watch. Carlos is our Columbus Crew SC beat writer and the in-house USMNT expert, but he also works as the Communications Coordinator for the  and as the Media Relations Specialist for  in the same league.

Allison HuguninSoutheast Region Writer

A current student at Florida State University with ambitions of bringing equality to women’s athletics in the future, Allison grew up playing competitive sports and her love for soccer was embedded deep after the 1999 Women’s World Cup. She has lived all over the United States on the path to becoming a professional chef but her passion for sports pulled her back into the academic world to pursue a career working with women’s professional and international athletics. In addition to soccer Allison also enjoys other sports, spending time with her dog Roscoe, and her other passion of cooking.

Liam Newberry, Photojournalist

While he was never able to play them growing up, Liam has always been obsessed with sports, pouring over photos, articles, stats, and watching anything he could. While he pursued music in his education, eventually his infatuation with sport, and soccer in particular, drew him in. Although he has only been writing about and photographing the beautiful game for a short period of time, he has been able to cover events like the 2015 Gold Cup, the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, and the International Champions Cup. Liam hails from Cleveland, Ohio, and his work can also be found at .

Brittany Campbell, Photojournalist

Brittany grew up in Germany, watching her dad play soccer for local German club teams. Supporting him at his games became her favorite thing to do on weekends, and she quickly fell in love with the sport. At only eight years she began to take photos, and with time, it turned into a passion. Since she jumped on a plane years ago to pursue her passion as a career, she's worked with Ventura County Fusion and the San Diego Sockers. Her portfolio features the likes of Toluca FC, Querétaro FC, LA Galaxy II, Sacramento Republic, and various other clubs.